Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Here comes Cody.

We definitely need some help out there in the outfield, Zobrist seems like he's not quite getting LF and Fuld has made some blunders too.   What do we get in Cody?  First of all he signed for the minimum, so we lose very little if he doesn't pan out.  

This will be Cody's ninth major league baseball team, He is 34 years old and features a lifetime .771 OPS.   Over the last few seasons of his career he dropped down to part-time status and his OPS saw drops into the .745 range in 2013 and .626 in the 2014 campaign.  His former team, Arizona evaluated him as a player in decline.  However, Cody has always had a good power stroke and has always made decent contact with the ball. Lets see if the Oakland batting coaches can work their wizardry with him and have him evolve into a solid veteran OF option for this team.

Cody Ross's Career .263 BA 132 HR, 505 RBI

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