Thursday, May 21, 2015

First Quarter of the Season is over.

The mood among fans and of this writer is dire.  There have been good things to happen, albeit just a handful and an avalanche of bad that threatens to bury this season.  The A's would now have to play .667 ball to get into the the mid 90s in wins for the season.  It's possible, but unlikely.

One recent turn of events: Ron Washington was just hired as a field coach. Hopefully he can quell the errors that have killed this team game after game.

Site news: The graphics and colors have been overhauled. MLB seems to not want people to use their boxscores, so we have shifted to use CBS sports box scores.

Roboter is officially on the disabled list until it's percentages improve.  Part of the problem with it that it's a simple statistical program that saw the Athletics as a winning team.  Four game set against the Rays begins tonight. Let's go A's!

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