Tuesday, June 16, 2015


Athletics -110
Padres +100

A's lineup features a lineup loaded with left handed batters including Sogard at short on defense to support the Lefty starting pitcher Kazmir.  This is a surprising move by Bob Melvin as normally you want your rangiest fielder at Short to support a lefty, but perhaps Sogard will be up to the challenge this time.  Cashner, the Padres pitcher has been a loser this season more often than naught.  Knowing the up and down A's as they are performing this year I'm suggesting to hold on to your dollars in this game.

Roboter (3-10) finally snaps the losing streak!  Maybe it's the lack of a DH that has helped it win for a change? Who knows, but anyway today's selection for the finale of this short road stand is: Padres 5, Athletics 4.

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